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FRN Client

Read the instructions!
DOWNLOAD >> FRN Client V. 2014 [003]

- Polish language added.
- Small fixes in graphical user interface.
- DCS Normal/Inverted indication added.
- Fixed error in returning from backup server.
- Courtesy settings changed.
- Improved administrator functionality.
- Adjustable pilot tone.
- Band and channel information changed to frequency indication.
- Bug fix for hanging courtesy sounds.

2012 [002]:
Interface options changed for new type of computer-tranceiver interface. This new type of radio linking, only needs connections to the sound card, so no COM or USB port is needed. Information on the new interface can be found here.

A FRN Client for Android can be found here.

FRN Server

There are already a lot of servers providing bandwidth for clients on multiple nets. Server owner can create nets and asign net owner for every net.
If you want to set up your own server, you can download the FRN Server with the link below. Make sure you make the correct firewall and router settings. Use the e-mail address and password that you also use for FRN Client. If you connect to your own server with FRN Client you can use the right mouse button to make other operators administrator or to ban clients. Administrators can also ban clients with the right mouse button. Two extra buttons will be displayed in FRN Client, one for the banned list and one for the administrator list. Removing clients from the banned or administrator list is done with the use of the right mouse button.

Read the instructions!
DOWNLOAD >> FRN Server V. 2014 [004]

2014 [004]:
Fixed password bug.

2014 [003]:
Improved connection with SystemManager.

2014 [002]:
Test version. Changes:
Access message for nets with access or transmit right control added

2014 [001]:
Bug fix for textmessages.

2014 [000]:
Meaningfull error texts will now be shown in case of failing connection to the System Manager.

2013 [002]:
Bug fix in admin-functionality.

2011 [002]:
Admin, Access and tx rights can be set room independently.
Every room can have his own net owner. This can be set in the net list.