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Com-port keyer

Ready to use (PSK) interfaces can be ordered at the web shop

The images below shows how a simple interface between the rig and the PC can be made. A 9-pin COM connector has it's DTR at Pin 4 and pin 5 is GND.

COM-Port connector

These are the components used for the circuit:
R1 = 330 Ohm (orange, orange, brown)
R2 = 12 Ohm (brown, red, black)
R3 = 1 kOhm (brown, black, red)
R4 = 1,5 kOhm (brown, green, red)
C1 = 4,7 uF
D1 = 1n4148
T1 = BC549

2 stereo plugs for the connection to the sound card.
1 sub-d connector for the com-port.
Dependant on the brand of the PMR, 1 or 2 connectors for the PMR.

rig-keying rig-keying rig-keying

Settings in FRN Client
The image below shows how to setup FRN for the com port keyer. Do not forget to disable the VOX in the PMR. Click on Settings -> Interface to open the Interface-dialog.

Com-poort settings