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JOTA and JOTI in the Netherlands

List of dutch participants in the Jamboree on the Air.
Nederlandse deelnemerslijst Jamboree on the Air.
With corrected QTH Locators! last update 08-10-2015

List is moved to:
Lijst is verplaatst naar:

JOTA and JOTI with PMR446

PMR446, LPD and CB radio may be used by anyone without licence, so also by every scout. Through gateways connected to the internet you can with these radios easily talk with scouts at the other site of the world. A nice combination of JOTA and JOTI!

The PMR446 handhelds (walkie talkies) are not expensive. For a connetion with a gateway, the radio must have a CTCSS function. Keep this in mind buying a rig. The CTCSS has to be set to 20. Take a look at the list of gateways for the locations of gateways and which channels they use.

If there is no gateway in your vicinity, don't cry, with the program FRN Client you can setup your own. You can also use the program to connect directly to the network ('PC Only'). On the server - Port: 10024 will be a room with the name 'Jota Main'. If you use FRN Client, connect to this server and room to meet other scouts.

You can also try to make direct contacts (DX) with PMR446 handhelds. For this channel 8 with or without CTCSS 8 is used.