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How to use FRN Server


The Free Radio Network gives a larger range to mobile / hand held users. The FRN Server program links gateway stations. This software is free, but there are some rules for using this software. These rules are made to keep the system as much fun to use it.

The next points have to be observed:
- Make sure only gateways with legal equipment are connected to the server.
- Make sure the gateways always use CTCSS or DCS (by preference CTCSS 20), this prevents noise and unintended transmissions from blocking the net.
- Persons using abusive language, misbehaving or blocking the network have to be blocked.
- The free FRN Server software is ment for use on the internet.

Make shure you have the correct firewall and router settings. Use the same email address and password as for FRN Client.


Take the following steps to setup a FRN-server:

STEP 1: Download
Download FRN Server.

STEP 2: Install
Install this program.

STEP 3: Start Server
Click on the FRN server icon to start FRN Server

bureaublad icoon

You will get this window, this is the start window of FRN Server:

Server Window

STEP 4: Settings
Now you have to collect information on your own internet connection. The IP-Adres is wat we need. You can find this by visiting this website:

Now we fill in the collected information for the use of the server. Fill in your own ip adres or host name at Server Address. At Server owner's e-mail address, fill in the email address that you also use for FRN client!. At password your FRN Client password has to be filled in.

Be aware of the fact that your ip address will be shown in FRN Client and will be fissible for other users. By using a redirect you can prevent your ip address from becomming visble. There are websites like where you can apply for a redirect.

If all is done it looks like this:

Server Settings

Click on start and the server will be online!

STEP 5: Test
In FRN-Client click on View -> Systeem Explorer. The server wiil be shown in the server list.