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VoIP Gateways, connected to the FRN Network, give a bigger range to portable/mobile radios. These gateways are situated on different locations. Everything that is received by one gateway is send to other gateways over the internet. The other gateways retransmit the received signal.

The gateways use the FRN Client software and are connected to a FRN server. A group of connected gateways is a net. Different nets can be active on one server. Everybody within the range of a gateway can communicate with other people in another country or city, just by selecting the correct channel and CTCSS. CTCSS 20 is the most used tone code.

With the program FRN Client, a portable/mobile radio and some electronics you can set up a gateway yourself. You can also use the program with your PC-microphone to talk with other users on the network, without the need of a transmitter.

A FRN Client for Android can be found here.

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